The So Good Global Game Jam 2016

So this year’s Global Game Jam was last week, and we’ve just about had enough time to scoop our brains back into our heads and put a blog post together about our submission, ‘Beelzeboogie’. This year, our technical lead, Sam, was called away for a family event, so it was just myself (Jack) and our artist Will taking part, and it went a little something like this.

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Tap Tournament Release!

It is my great pleasure to announce that as of this blog post, Tap Tournament is officially available on the iOS, Android and Amazon stores. Go and DOWNLOAD it for free NOW!

If you’re still here and not off playing Tap Tournament with your friends (why not?) I would like to express just how much of a rewarding experience it has been for all of us at So Good Studios.

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PGC London and the Very Big Indie Pitch

Last week we attended our first industry event all together as an official company; Pocket Gamer Connects London. One of four annual Pocket Gamer conferences, the event focuses on the global mobile games market and developing successful, monetizable apps. Naturally with Tap Tournament on the verge of release we were keen to attend, networking with other industry professionals and promoting our game at the same time.


It all began at one in the morning in the pouring rain at Plymouth’s sadly antiquated bus station. Coach travel was the most convenient and cost effective means of travel for us, leaving at one o’clock and arriving at half seven. A journey that for some of us was fairly pleasant if a tad uncomfortable, and for others, a waking nightmare. Continue reading PGC London and the Very Big Indie Pitch

Making A Tremendous Tap Tournament Trailer

Here at So Good Studios, having cleared away the christmas decorations and rubbed the sleep from our eyes, we’ve been taking stock of what work needs to be done right away, starting with creating a trailer for Tap Tournament, our soon to be released mobile title.

As this is the first trailer we’ve ever created, we’ve been researching and taking cues from a number of different sources, to try and make sure we get things right first time. Here are some of the things we’ve noted and included in our trailer that might also be of use to you: Continue reading Making A Tremendous Tap Tournament Trailer

Tap Tournament’s Awesome New Features

Since our last post, we have been very busy transforming Tap Tournament from a strong student piece to the kind of high quality title i would expect to find on the IOS app store. The changes we’ve made really show what we are capable of as a team and game development studio and we can’t wait to release it out on the App and Play stores.

Screen Shot 2015-12-03 at 13.36.25

Towards the end of our last iteration on the game, we radically improved the backgrounds of the game, adding a sense of depth in new epic environments. While this was a fairly small change, it made a vast difference to the feel of the game, drawing players in far more effectively. This made us reconsider other aspects of the game and how we could change them to have a similar effect. Continue reading Tap Tournament’s Awesome New Features

Work Begins Again On Tap Tournament

Hello again, everyone!

We’re sure you’ll be happy to hear that our work on Tap Tournament has begun anew! Having spent a few months on client work we’ve just about won ourselves some breathing room, and we’re trying to make the most of it.

In terms of business, it’s been a great couple of months, having gotten our first bit of contract work, worked as professionals on a real project, and actually paying our own wages out of the money the company has earned (A really fantastic feeling!)First So Good Studios PaychequeHaving spent some time developing someone else’s game, we’re more excited than ever to have our own title released. While we are planning some fairly big changes to Tap Tournament’s UI, as well as adding achievement/social platform integration, we’re always conscious that we wanted the game to be very simple and accessible, so we’re reigning ourselves in as best we can. Continue reading Work Begins Again On Tap Tournament

So Good Graduation

Once again, I can’t believe it’s been so long since we have written a blog I promise to step up my game in the future. Anyway last Monday was finally our university graduation (silly hats and all!) a day we took to celebrate all the hard work and effort we put into getting first class degrees and making it through university alive.


Beforehand and after a weekend of hard work, we arranged for a meal between the So Good families. Imagine a mob meet up in a film like goodfellas. It was the first time they had all met,  and surprisingly it went off without a hitch, everyone had a really great time down Plymouth’s beautiful Royal William Yard. The food was also delicious if not a bit on the pricey side. Continue reading So Good Graduation

How We Get Stuff Done!

It has been an absurd amount of time since we have produced a blog post and for that i am truly sorry. I aim to rectify this by telling you all about our development process and how we go about getting things done.Kanban

Firstly, we like to begin by setting out what tasks need to be completed. In the case of game development we generally like to take the “Wouldn’t it be cool if…” approach, writing down as many great ideas for a concept as we can, for a recent example of what i mean we had wouldn’t it be great in tap tournament if each of the knights were on rockets flying through space at break neck speed. We then take this list of ideas and turn them into tasks, prioritising the core elements and leaving additional features as stretch goals if time permits. Continue reading How We Get Stuff Done!

How We Escaped Our Development Rut

We’ve been in a bit of a rut of late. We came back from the Big Indie Pitch with the echoing in our brains of sentences that started with: ‘this game is so much fun’ or ‘once you start playing, you just want to play more’, but that ended with: ‘but it definitely still needs something’ or ‘I just think the mechanic needs more depth’.

We were too naive to realise what a tender trap this was! Our hearts were filled with joy because people enjoyed Tap Tournament, but at the end of that joy was the yawning, beckoning chasm of feature creep, and the question ‘what can we add to this to make it hugely better, whilst in no way diverting from our original vision?’

We wrestled with that question for a week or so, and we had some ideas (new backgrounds, new hit sparks, general juiciness) but to a large extent we were totally stumped. It turns out, what we really needed was to get out and find some honest people who would tear our game down.

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Tap Tournament: The Revisaling

We put our minds together to try and work out exactly how we could add what Jack put as “Draw” to the game. We sat down and played the game for a while and continued to find Tap Tournament a thoroughly enjoyable game, particularly when things started to get a bit competitive, but it did seem to lack reasons to continue to play past a couple of games.

Screen Shot 2015-07-31 at 12.04.42

With this in mind I (Sam) set about making an achievement system that we could put into the game allowing for achievements to easily be added and unlocked by rules around properties that the game tracks. For example Will could set up an achievement for having a specific set of rules regarding number of kills, round, power ups etc. We now have a set of achievements in the game encouraging players to come back and try things they might not have. The next step in it’s development is integrating it to the various APIs which it will need to interface with. Continue reading Tap Tournament: The Revisaling