So Good Studios
Based in Plymouth, Devon, United Kingdom

Release date:
28th January 2016

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Tap Tournament is a top down, multiplayer, single device game for tablet and mobile with an emphasis on intuitive, competitive, social gameplay. In the game, players have their reaction times tested in a magical contest of tap mastery. Each player controls their chosen character from one corner of the screen, and is tasked with keeping their character safe from a ball of magical energy that is flying dangerously from corner to corner. The player taps their character to swing its weapon and deflect the magical projectile towards another player, with the projectile getting faster as the rally continues. Adding to the mayhem, players battle for mystical power up gems that restore health and change the properties of the ball, with unpredictable and awesome effects. With a super simple mechanic and an emphasis on multiplayer, anyone can play, so grab a copy and settle your differences with Tap Tournament!


Having started work at So Good Studios just out of University as a self-funded start up, the team decided that they needed to develop a game that could be completed to a high standard in a small amount of time. Tap Tournament grew from a concept the team had previously created at University, and to them it seemed to be the perfect fit; Simple controls, short gameplay sessions and an easy to learn mechanic. The team were looking at releasing Tap Tournament five weeks after beginning development, but after the game's success at the Big Indie Pitch in Brighton it was decided that it would be a good idea to iterate it for another month, based on the feedback it received at the event.


  • Simple and intuitive controls.
  • Engaging competitive combat for everyone.
  • Upbeat medieval soundtrack and punchy sound effects from a highly talented sound team.
  • Exciting, game altering power ups
  • Settle petty disputes and office feuds; Challenge someone to a Tap Tournament.


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Awards & Recognition

  • "Pocket Gamer Big Indie Mixer, 3rd Place" Brighton, 14 July, 2015

Selected Articles

  • "'a finger-jabbing free-for-all meltdown'"
    - Mark Brown, Pocket Gamer

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About So Good Studios

So Good Studios is an indie game development company, based in Plymouth, with a three man team consisting of Managing Director Jack Gill, Technical Director Sam Hession and Creative Director Will Hosgood. Currently So Good Studios develops its own video games, as well as interactive applications for clients.

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Tap Tournament Credits

Jack Gill
Unity Developer (Managing Director, So Good Studios)

Sam Hession
Unity Developer/Gameplay Programmer (Technical Director, So Good Studios)

Will Hosgood
Unity Developer/Artist (Creative Director, So Good Studios)

Dan Elvey
Composition, Freelancer

Charlie Cambray
Sound Design, Freelancer

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